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8:00 Pm
12, Oct. 1944

Most Wonderful Sweetheart,

By now you’re nearing Salt Lake City or are perhaps there for a couple of hrs wait.  I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that you and our precious baby have fared the trip well.  You must never overtax your energy or strain yourself in any way.  Darling, I guess I’ll keep worrying until all is over and you and the baby are comparatively out of danger.  Be sure to take care of yourselves.

I very happily received letters written on the 6th and 7th today.  Darling, they were perfect.   You write such glorious letters.

It sounds as though my letters made good time getting to you.  I hope the good service continues.

I imagine you did have quite a day in L.A. with those girls.  I’m glad you finally got to go in and get get least a few things that you wanted.  A teddy bear, eh.  I’ll bet it was for Rick all right.  I know you.  Say, if we do have a girl, she’s going to be have a heck of a time proving she is one, with blue booties and sweaters.

If you think you missed having me along, just double that missing and that’s how much I missed you.  (If you follow me.)  Sweetheart, I pray so hard that I can at least half way live up to the wonderful things you say about me.  My great desire is to keep you happy, make a good husband for you and a good father for our precious family.    One thing is certain, that is that this family of ours is already blessed with an angel for a mother, as perfect, as spotless, as fine and pure as any angel could be.  And, my angel, you may rest assured that you are loved and worshipped as deeply and sincerely as any angel is.  My meagre vocabulary even with the help of such a nice dictionary can never express in words the depth of my love for you.  I know it grows deeper each day we are apart but it shall never cease growing whether apart or together, so let us pray that we may soon enjoy that beautiful life we’ve planned for so long.

It’s good that I’m going anyway.  Rick would be embarassed to say that his daddy had been one of the few individuals who never got out of this country during the war.  After all, a son’s got to have something to talk about.  Besides, I love him so much.

Say, how come you quit numbering your letters?  Did you lose track?  The only missing now is #2.  That baby is quite sudden for Leona.  How long has she been married?  Not that I suspect anything.  Just wondering.

Yes, Tommy decided to try to find Clo something.  I haven’t heard how he came out though.  I too am glad that you and Clo have families (will have) to keep you busy instead of working.

Wha-da-ya mean do I get tired hearing so much sweet talk?  I love it.  Do I ever complain?  If I do, it will be because there isn’t enough, not too much.

That poor kid hadn’t better have hiccoughs at his age, after all.  You better treat him right.

I haven’t seen “Casanova Brown” yet.  Perhaps in the near future.  As I told you, I missed you so awful much in the shows I saw.

As to my incoming mail being censored, it seldom if ever will unless we become suspicious characters so let’s not become suspicious characters.  You mustn’t ever feel that your letters sound tiresome.  They are perfectly wonderful.

Your note from Sunday morning was swell.  I suppose I was having my fling but thank goodness I had it in a different manner than most of the officers.  I saw and heard a lot of things I never thought would happen.  I kind of think that I learned enough about New York to show you around properly after the war and certainly intend to do it.

Don’t worry about money for me.  When Rick is born, I’ll have a war bond taken out each month for you and him as co-owners.

Must quit for now, precious.  Never forget how terribly much I love you.

Always your devoted husband


P.S. I love you with all my heart.

I don’t know exactly where Grandpa was when this letter was written, but I’m guessing somewhere overseas, since he mentioned having already been in New York in this letter, and Grandma’s note indicates that he did go overseas in October, 1944.  It’s interesting to me how nearly certain they were that this first baby was going to be a boy (of course, they went on to to have 7 boys total – whew!).  Again, I wish I had some way of knowing who the other people were referenced in the letters.  It’s much easier to get information about the movies.  Our next letter is going to be from Grandpa on November 9th – almost exactly 64 years ago.

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Coming soon!

I ended up spending my Saturday morning arguing with a new 3-in-one printer/scanner/copier that prints and copies – but refuses to scan (still refusing!).  I have an October 1944 letter from Grandpa waiting to be typed, hopefully Sunday afternoon.  Not sure where’s writing from in t his one . . . we can only imagine.  I hope you’re enjoying this trip back in time, because I sure am.

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