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25 November 1944
Saturday 7:00 PM


I love you.  Do you know it?  I received two very nice letters tonight from my honey.  I seem to be getting them backwards thought.  Yesterday number thirty and tonight numbers twenty-eight and twenty-nine.  It confuses me but it’s swell to get them no matter what.  I’ve been sorting out your letters tonight.  I have one for almost everyday from September twenty-eighth to November third.   I guess there are about a half-dozen vacancies.

I’ve read them all several times of course, but some day when I have time on my hands, if ever, I’ll take them all out and read them again.

I suppose I have told you many times of how when I first came into the army, every day until I went to Officer’s Candidate School, before I’d write to you, I’d take take all the letters I had received from you and read them all over.  It thrilled me so much.  I’d do it now if I had time.

Things have certainly been in an uproar today.  Tommy and I have had to think right hard to keep ahead of them.  I think we’ve got ’em whipped now now.; we’ll know tomorrow if we can stay together and away from the others or not.

So you don’t have any lap? How come? What-cha-got there?  Darling, I’m so thrilled.  Just think, in perhaps a little over two weeks.  Please be careful darling.  This letter may even get there after it has happened.  Always know that I’ll be praying for you constantly and so much harder around that time.  You, my sweetheart, and that precious baby, are all I’m living for.  I’m so sorry this war has separated us so.  I’m sure that in peace time I could make and keep you so happy.  I’ll have a chance before long though, and honey, I’ve just got to be able to make you happy.

Speaking of cold, I’ve been trying to acclimate myself so that if and when I do hit the cold and wet of winter battle I can take it.  I’m doing pretty good but the wind gets kinda nippy at times and it rains quite a lot, almost pushing me into heavier or more clothes.

I too hope you have good diaper weather.  Usually it isn’t too bad around that time though.  If I remember Idaho after three winters away.

Yes, I remember Humphrey’s new house.  I was glad to hear that he was elected and very surprised to hear of his appointment as patriarch.  Congratulate him for both for me and give him my best wishes.

Sleep and chow have both been plentiful and good since I have been here.  To be sure the worst is yet to come, and except for the fact that I have too cockeyed much stuff to carry around, I’m ready for it.  (At least as ready as I’ll ever be.)  As you know, I adjust quite easily, though at times in a noisy manner, to things as they come.  The only exception to that is being away from you and I can never adjust to that.  I need you every second, darling.

I had just been wondering what was wrong tonight and then I realized it was the absence of your picture in front of me.  I  had packed it away this afternoon and hadn’t returned it to it’s proper place.  It’s there now so I can go on to tell you how darn beautiful you are.  Do know that in all of America and England that I have never yet seen a girl as beautiful as you are.  Honey, don’t think I’m kidding, I’m not.  I mean it with all my heart.  How I was ever lucky enough to get you for my wife I shall never know.  The snapshot I have of us taken in front of the drug store looks more like you than any picture I have and you’re so pretty and I love you, Zola, more than life itself or anything else in life.  You’re perfect.  I look around me and see these gjuys and the things they are doing now that they are over here and I realize how much more I have to live for than any of them.  Not one can say that his wife is as good in any way as you are.  So fine, so beautiful, so glorious in every respect.  I’m so proud of you, my darling.  That’s why it isn’t  hard for me to live as I should, as you would want me to, because I realizewhat an angel I have for a wife.

I’m glad you called Zelda when you got my letter.  I was so busy the first while I had a hard time finding time to write.

Thanks so much for the stamps.  It save me so much worry about being able to get them.  They make my letters a little faster I am sure.  Try to give me an idea of the comparative speed of the different means of postage.  The letter you wrote on the twelfth I receveid on the twenty-third which is pretty good time.

Honey, I must quit.  It seems so hard to stop when I get started writing to you.  Give my love to the baby.  Incidentally, I meant to tell you that in order for cables or wires to come through fast you must send them to my code cable address.  I will wire it to you as soon as I find it myself.

Good night precious.  Your loving husband, Dewain.

So it’s taken me a week to get another letter up.  I was hoping to finish November in November, but that’s okay.  We do what we can.  I know my dad has said that his dad was fighting in the Battle of the Bulge when he was born (12/22) so it’s interesting to realize in the tone of the letters what’s up and coming.  I have one more November letter, 11/30 – when it’s Thanksgiving day.

I think I’ve seen a copy of a cable with an address in it in the binder, but I can’t find it this morning.  When I do find it, I’ll take advantage of my scanner, and post it up.  I wish I had Grandma’s letters answering these . . . but I’ll take what I can get – and hope, someday, to see and share the rest of the existing letters, even if nobody but myself cares.  Hope you enjoyed your trip back in time.  Now, off to deal with the present!

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