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From 1st Lt. Dewain Silvester 0-1050923
BtrY.C. 778AAA AwBn(sP)
A.P.O. 655 c/o Postmaster
New York, New York

To: Mrs. Dewain Silvester
Box 11,
Parker, Idaho

Luxembourg, 27 December 1944

My Darlings,

How are you tonight?  Do you know how many times a day I tell you I love you?  Must be in the dozens anyway.  You’re such a perfect, precious wife.  I hope and pray so hard that the baby is like you.

Are you pretty crowded?  Are t hings running smoothly?  Honey, knock me a kiss.  I love you.

Guess what!  Today I had a wonderful hot shower, washed my hair, and was even able to get my hair cut.  It’s really short, well not much shorter than when I was in the desert.  And all of this followed a belated but huge and delicious Christmas, turkey dinner with all the trimmings except the plum pudding.

Sweetheart, I must stop.  It’s getting late and I have been going pretty strong lately.  The boys are doing a swell job.  It makes me kind of proud at times.  Take good care of yourself and the baby.  Always be happy.  I love you so much.  Good night precious.

Your wandering husband, Dewain

I hope your Christmas joy was a great at Grandpa’s was this year.  Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your hot showers.

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