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Monday, 11:35 P.M.

My dearest husband –

Guess I can’t get away with this night life without confessing.  I almost got in bed without writing and then I couldn’t.  Just had to tell my honey “good night.”

Bet you’re getting so you can almost tell what I’m going to say, “Hunted again today — no luck.”  You’ll never dream of the places we’ve been and the blind leads we’ve followed.  But leave never a stone unturned, we’ve decided.  But I don’t get nearly as discouraged now as I did before, when I first got here.  I’ve just decided if nothing turns up, it won’t be because I haven’t tried & at least we have a place to sleep even though it is as hard as nails.

Today (rather this afternoon) I went with Mil every place we could think of looking for her.  This morning I talked to Mr. Copley – who was very nice.  He said they had 4 apartments filled with civilians & only 2 with soldiers & they weren’t apt to leave soon.  He talked to me a long time & said he was sorry he couldn’t help.

I called Mrs. Dobish this morning.  This is the best news I’ve had yet, but who knows how it will work out.  She talked to the couple in the apartment yesterday & they expect to leave the 18th.  She says if they leave that we may have the place.  So keep your fingers crossed darling & pray hard that nothing happens.  I don’t know how nice the place is but I’d be happy with anything of our own.  I won’t feel safe about it until I’m sure they’re going to move.  Hope you don’t mind me pouring out all my woes on your shoulder.  And darling, don’t worry about me.  This business of finding a place is doing me good.  and it’s making the time pass so much faster than it would otherwise.  Two more weeks is going to be a long time, though, because I miss my honey already so much.

Tonight Mrs. Arthurs had us all out there.  Bette, Mil & I didn’t get there until after 8:30 cause we chased down a hot lead the last minute after making sandwiches at Bette’s apartment.  There was a note here when I got back saying Mrs. Baker had telephoned while I was gone.  She wasn’t at the party.  I guess Mrs. Arthur’s didn’t know where to locate her.  I’ll have to call her again tomorrow and see how she’s doing.

Mil & I are going out to Camp in the morning to check with at W.O. at Camp Headquarters who is supposed to help with rentals, and also at the hospital to see what prenatal care is given there so maybe she won’t have to go back up to Cooke this week for her X-Ray.

I made an appointment with a dentist for Thursday but I still haven’t decided what Dr. to go to.  I’ll decided soon;

Take care of yourself precious.  Do write soon.  I miss you so much.

Love always, Zola

Sounds like good news in the apartment hunting world.  I’d hate to think of them having to continue to sleep much longer on this bed that’s hard as nails.

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