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“Just after you called.”

My dearest,

I can’t tell you how your call made me feel.  Will you understand if I just say that I miss you more than I’ve ever missed anything in life, that you’re the most perfect thing that God ever created, but words are so inadequate to express the complete, sacred feeling I have about you.  Someday I hope to show you how much and how big my love is.

There are so many letters I should write, but I can’t make myself want to write anyone but you.  It’s next best to being with you and talking to you.  Oh honey, your voice sounded so wonderful tonight.  That’s the most thoughtful thing a man could do for his wife, and I have the most wonderful  husband in the world.  Honestly, I don’t know how I ever lived all my life without you.  You’ve added so much happiness and perfection, more than anyone will ever know.  It’s so hard to write the words that are my heart.  Soon, I hope to have you close, with your arms tight around me and never move from you.

I was so excited when I discovered it was you on the telephone I couldn’t realize where you were or anything.  If I’d stopped to think I’d of known you weren’t at Haan but your voice sounded so close, as though I could reach out and touch you.  It’s such a beautiful night.  I’m glad I could share it a little with you and enjoy it more completely.

Mil and I went out to Camp today but to no avail except that we got there just in time to buy a large box of Kleenex.  We considered it well worth our trip.  Imagine the girl had the nerve to ask us if we wanted the large or small box.  But the W.O. at Headquarters who does help with rentals said he hadn’t had a listing in 2 months.  And at the hospital they said they’d discontinued prenatal care 2 weeks ago.  There was a large troop train loading out there.  That’s the 3rd one we’ve seen.  Looks as though they’re cleaning things out & you’d think there’d be some opening.  Mil is a bad influence on me ~ we stopped at the club & had a sandwich & huge ice cream sundaes.  I’ll be looking like a barn before you know it.

I talked to Mr. Baker this morning.  She said she’s decided to stay with  her aunt because they have such a nice yard & she doesn’t think she’d be able to find anything if she did look.  she’s been having the car fixed for Bert so she hasn’t done much running around.

Miss Romage – the landlady – came in tonight after a week at the beach. She never spends more than 2 days here & the rest of the time at Laguna.  She must have scads of money and doesn’t mind spending it to enjoy herself.  She’s a very religious person, and talks to me about how much she believes in prayer and how the Lord keeps her from being lonely.  She’s a very devout person.  On the inside of the stone wall around the yard she has bible quotations & a scene painted from her beach cottage at Laguna, and one of her mountain cabin.

Darling, I love you so.  I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t at least be with you on your birthday.  It’s so hard to think of anything to get you & I’d like your birthday to be so super & I’d [missing line at the bottom of the page] so — but I

[missing page or lines? bottom of the page here]

so much grander than I ever thought it could be.  I can never get tired of the beautiful things you tell me — never.  You trill me so, I’m so thankful that I am your wife and have been as long as this.  It can never be too long for me because it’s so perfect being married to you.

Is your platoon Sgt. a new one?  And did you ever do anything about Sgt. Rice?  I’m so glad you’re back with your boys.  How does Mick like being exec.?  Do they still spend their nights playing poker?  Did I ever tell you how much it means to have my husband different than the others?  I’ve always been so glad and it’s meant such a lot.  It helps me such a lot when I have to be “different” in a crowd of women.  However, it’s not so hard for me because I’ve always had you to back me up.  Smoking and drinking aren’t so hard, but not drinking tea or coffee is what women can’t understand.

I’m glad you liked the book, precious.  I’d like to do so many things for you, but loving you seems to be the only one I can do now.  And that never stops.

Well, I’ve rattled enough for one night.  I hate to say goodnight.  Did I tell you that Bette started back to work on Monday?  And that Mil & I stopped out at Annette Graham’s last night & I saw their little boy for the first time.  He & Jackie Lancy are nearly the same age, but so different in size.  And Buddy Graham talks & says all sorts of things, but Jackie is so quiet & never says anything.  They’re both cute kids though.

I’m so glad we’ve had a little of the beautiful life that we have to look foward to.  I’m so happy in just loving you and dreaming & waiting for that wonderful time.  Being with you is all I ever ask.

It’s late, dearest, so night for now.



Two more letters in the interlude section.  I’m sorry I left my cousin hanging while we went on vacation, but we’re back again now (and we got to see her in person), so she can be slightly less bored at work for a few minutes today.

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Home Again

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was having experiences with my living relatives recently. We had a lot of fun. We’re home safely again and I’ll start putting these letters up again soon.

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