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Happy Birthday, Zola

I probably never really knew when my grandparents’ birthdays were when they were alive.  It just didn’t seem to cross my radar screen.  But now, thanks to Outlook and reminders, I can have a sense of when they are.  Now, if I would just sit down and program my calender for all the living people I want to honor.

Zola Rudd was born 5 August 1921 in Parker, Idaho.

Some quick memories:

* being there in the summer and helping Grandma pick raspberries and taking home freezer raspberry jam

* staying there, and eating all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms

* getting copies of genealogy and family stories from Grandma because she loved them so much

* the grape smell of her shampoo, which I never had (I may, soon, need shampoo for gray hair)

* how when I was 11 I couldn’t take the extra shoes she couldn’t wear because they were much too small for me

* knowing about how she used to drive the bus that was in the back of the house so she could take all the boys camping

* getting to wash off the huge inner tube at the beginning of summer so we could jump; I’m not sure which was more fun, the washing or the jumping

* “crashed and burned”

* getting milk in bottles from the milkman

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