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Camp Irwin * California (letterhead below – scanned 11/29/08)

Jan 25, 1943

Hello Honey,

How’s my prescious? (how do you spell it?)  Anyway, darling, I love you so much.  I’m sitting here listening to Bob Hope.  They are talking about “lizards.”  Did you hear him?

Sweetheart, I miss you so much already.  I got a letter and a school paper from John Anderson.  He was responsible for the International Musician all night.  I’ll send the letter to you.

It’s really cold out here without a doubt.  I almost froze to death yesterday.  We got out here with very little trouble, thank goodness.  And we are quartered in an area in Irwin so we have tents instead of pup tents.  Makes a lot of difference.  Of course, there is a definate [sic] breeze coming through the tent all the time, but some of it is kept out.

Are you still going to L.A. Friday?  You are, eh.  Well how about staying home next Monday night and I’ll try to call you between 6:30 and 7:00.  OK? OK.

Honey, will you exscuse (how do you spell it) if I don’t write long letters?  The second platoon, mine, is just a black sheep out here.  I have to make my own training schedule and work the program out.  It takes half the night to work them out.  It’s sure swell to have Frank help me out.  I think I’ll hang on to him.

Darling, do you know who has the most perfect wife in the world? Me! Isn’t it wonderful?  I’m so glad you are my wife.  I love you more than anything else in the world.  See, I even put it in writing.  Of course, this is the kind of ink that disappears in 48 hrs though (Doggoneit I can’t remember how to spell anything, even cat)

Goodnight for now, darling.  Remember out [sic] date for next Monday.  Enjoy yourself sweetheart and please love me.

Always. Dewain

The letter’s dated Jan 25, 1943 – but since Dewain talks about Zola being his wife, I’m assuming that is January 1944.  They were married in April 1943.  Grandpa complains about his spelling – and I’m trying hard not to correct it when I type –  no guarantees, but I’ll note (“[sic]”) when I notice that’s its wrong.  I’m never as good at editing my own typing.  But I’ll try to go back and read through these at least once to catch anything glaring.  The handwriting isn’t always the easiest to read.  I’m so glad this really wasn’t written in disappearing ink . . .

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