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Parker, Idaho
February 18, 1945     7:55 P.M.

My beloved,

Here we are alone again tonight.  These evenings that I’m alone with you make such an ache inside of me — and yet I love them.  It seems so strange to be lonely with people around all the time — friends and family, too.  But with me, there’s only one person who can fill the need of that special sort of loneliness.  I could be alone with you forever and never grow tired.  I’d be happy with you any place, any time.  You’ve always filled every quality I’d ever dreamed or hoped for in a husband it would be possible to gain such joy and happiness.  And darling, you’ll make such a wonderful father.  You’ll be kind and understanding, and yet firm when it’s necessary.  You won’t leave the rearing & disciplin of our children to their mother as so many do.

I’ve sent cards to Esquire, Reader’s Digest & The Improvement Era.  Is there anyone else I should notify of your  new address.

I’m so anxious for you to receive the pictures I mailed yesterday.  Let me know as soon as you get them – and if they don’t, I’ll send more.  I’ve decided it’s easier to take snapshots of Rick that to try and get a photographer down her when he’s in a happy mood — until he’s a little older.  And I’m sure you’ll be able to determine just as much about him.  He’s so darn precious.  You couldn’t have given me anything more wonderful.  I’m counting on you being here for his first birthday at least.  That’s not too optimistic is it?

I’ve had quite a day today.  Dad and Myrtle went to Sunday School.  Mrs. Barnes came over to see Rick & I visited for quite awhile.  They’re living in Pocatello now & she’d some up to see Dallas (she’s expecting any day).  After noon, it was so sunny & nice, that I bundled Rick up and went over to Ruth’s.  We took the babies down to the store with us, and weighed Betty.  Rick went to sleep on the way down so I didn’t waken him to weigh him.  Betty weighs nearly fifteen pounds and is now five months old.  Lawrence went fishing — and then Helen stopped to take me to the show.  Ruth watched Rick so I went.  “Frenchman’s Creek” — with Joan Fontaine.  It was an adventure story, with pirates & all that.  Helen had just had a letter from Ivan saying their winter had turned into mud, so I can imagine your difficulties.

Darling, I can’t help but dream and pray that the day will be soon for your return.  The hour, the second, cannot come too quickly for me.  It’ll be such heaven to have my arms tight about you and feel you close, again.  You’ll always be the most important part of me.  the part that radiates life and joy & happiness.  I adore everything about you with all my heart and soul and always will.  There’s nothing could ever change that love, only to increase it.

Myrtle expects to teach this week and then quit.  I think Mrs. Harold Davenport is going to finish the year out for her.  Just think — Myrtle will be 43 when the baby is born.  His parents will be older than yours when  you were born.  It hardly seems possible it’s going to happen, but to watch her expanding waist line you can’t help be see it’s true.

Afton Remington is bringing his wife & new daughter home from the hospital this Wednesday.  I told you wrong on the name — It’s to be Katherine Jenetta, after her two grandmothers & to be called Kathie Jean.  Raymond Parker’s wife is expecting too, I hear tell.

Wilford is bringing a play to Parker tomorrow night.

Sweetheart, remember always, that you mean all the world to me — God be with you always, protect you, and return you safely home to–

Your love wife & son,

Zola & Rick

Hooray!  I’m up to Grandma’s letters now.  We get to hear more about what’s happening on the home front now.  We also get to hear about baby Rick.  I love the imagery of weighing the babies down at the store . . . if somebody did that today, there’d probably be some sort of action taken against them.  There’s a lot of news about family and friends and their babies.

Over the weekend, I heard from a 91-year-old gentleman, Ray Manuel, who trained, for a short time, with Lt. Dewain Silvester who was the platoon leader.  He also ran into Grandpa again at a reunion in Philadelphia.  He’s going to try to find pictures he has with Grandpa in them from that reunion.  I’m excited to make connections like this.   More to come soon.

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