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Well, actually, it was yesterday, but I missed it.  Dewain Silvester was born 16 July 1921 in Rexburg, Idaho, 88 years ago.

Next week, many of his descendents will be gathering in Palisades, Idaho for a Silvester Family reunion.  Those who can make it for the whole week will be doing fun things like hiking, rafting, boating, crafting, eating, playing and things like that.  Then there are a few of us who will only be there for the final potluck dinner and the last day!  No matter what, it’ll be great to see everybody.

Someday I’ll get back on track for the rest of the letters (and maybe next week we can start to clear up the mystery of where the rest of the letters are).


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Use your imagination, and pretend your wait between posts is like the wait that Dewain and Zola felt when letters didn’t come in real time.  There’s still more to come!  I promise.

I’ve even found a place where we can listen to the old time radio shows . . . I’ll share that next time.

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D-Day. Omaha Beach,  Normandy, France.  Thousands upon thousands of seasick Allied forces.  Horrible storms. German soldiers waiting.  World War II.

Take a few minutes out of your day to honor and remember those who fought so valiantly when the stakes were high.  Shed a tear, have a moment of silence, and hang out with the Peanuts Gang (thanks to billtheman122).  Thank you, every man and every woman who sacrificed for our freedoms today.

A little history and words from survivors can be found in this article here.

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Delivered On: May 3rd 2009

Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell

Connecting With the Generations

Something deep within us wants to connect with those who went before us: our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and other family members. When we know who they are—their life stories, their triumphs and failures, their strengths and weaknesses—we gain a better sense of who we are. In a sense, their stories become our stories. We not only learn from them, we feel strengthened and inspired by their lives and experiences. We may even find ourselves thinking, “If they could do difficult things, so can I.”

But what if we never knew our ancestors? What if their stories were never recorded? How can we begin to reconnect with past generations? Start with those who are still living. Talk with them. Listen to their stories and write down their thoughts, feelings, and memories. What you learn might lead to information about more distant ancestors. If nothing else, you can record your own story.

One teenage girl wanted to know more about her grandmother, so over the course of several months she sat down with her, asked questions, and recorded her grandmother’s answers. Those answers taught her, made her laugh, and deepened her love for her grandma. She then sent out copies of their conversations to her extended family. They all felt they had received a great treasure, and each learned something new about Grandma.

We don’t have to be experienced genealogists to begin researching our family history. Malachi spoke anciently of children’s hearts turning to their fathers.1 That’s all we really need—a sincere desire to connect. With a little effort, we can come to know and love those whose lives flow directly into ours.

1 See Malachi 4:6.

Program #4155

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Ack! I’m back.

Sorry about the interlude . . . it’s been a weird, distracting couple of weeks for me . . . and it’s been hard to get focused on the daily routine kind of things.  But we’ve still left Dewain and Zola and the apartment hanging for way too long.  Sorry about that.  I’m working on doing better.  We’ve had rain. We’ve been working on our garden.  We’ve survived the multiple birthday parties and holiday celebrations hosted here at our house.  We’re trying to teach our kids to work by example, and this includes fun work, like our family stories.

Just yesterday I was trying to teach my 7-year old daughter about perspective (umm, following a large meltdown over not getting Skittles at the grocery store, and how the MMs we already have at our house aren’t as good as the ones at the store).  There’s nothing like reviewing the stories from the past to help put things into perspective.  I’m grateful for the lessons learned from Grandma and Grandpa, even if they didn’t know they were teaching us.

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Home Again

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was having experiences with my living relatives recently. We had a lot of fun. We’re home safely again and I’ll start putting these letters up again soon.

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Since I finally started Grandma Zola’s letters, I’ve been reading through her binder.  There was a stack of letters with no dates, just time and place notes such as “The Room, Saturday, 8:35 p.m.”  Last week I read through those and realized that those letters all came from a similar place and time.  I was able to put them in order, as best as I could, from context clues in the letters.

We’re going back to the summer before Grandpa left for Europe, while he was still training in Southern California.  These are all letters from Grandma.  She knows she’s pregnant, and she’s trying to find a place for them to live.  I  enjoyed this break, so I’m going to post these next, probably several letters at a time.  I hope you enjoy them too.

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