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Friday 9:20 P.M.

Hello honey –

Know who loves you lots?  Even more than last time!  You’re such an elegant husband, I wouldn’t even trade you for my school girl figure.

What’s cooking?  Smells like something in the wind & not good.  Gosh, honey, isn’t there any way  you could gum up the works for a few months?  This will be such a nice apartment with you in it—Anything nice with you, cause I love you so much.  But any how you must have a crack outfit — and they know it — the way they’re rushing you around.

Anytime you’ll be able to call me honey, if you could let me know — wire or something — I’d go back over to Russels.  Until I find out about a telephone in this building.  I met one of the girls downstairs tonight, but didn’t think to ask her about a telephone.  Her husband is in the 797th at Haan.  And they get in twice a week — so Camp Haan isn’t a good bet either.  But it’ll be worth it if I can just see you.  Did you know you’re about the most permanent habit I have, and the best one.

Tonight Mr. & Mrs. Russel told me how much they liked my husband last weekend when they met you.  They’re such nice people, I really like them.   I stayed over there tonight after I talked to you & Wanda washed my hair.  She and Wanda are coming over some evening next week to see my new apartment.

Last night as I was coming from the store with my groceries I ran in to Mary Dike.  She was the girl at the office at March Field that I liked quite well.  Her husband is a Corporal in AAATC headquarters.  She came up and saw my place and talked for nearly an hour telling me all the dirt from the office.  Nearly everyone I knew are still out there.

Darling, do you get enough rest and sleep?  Did you get the overnight bag  you wanted?  Have you had any mail?  How’s your lips and nose?  I think about you every minute of the day and wonder how you are and what you’re doing.  I know you must be going almost every minute.  You sounded so tired tonight.  I wanted to have your arms around me so badly.  But it’s such a thrill to hear you anyhow.  Makes me love you a dozen times more, if that’s possible.  You’ll have to grow fast to hold all the love I have for you.

Rick is fine.  Yesterday I bought him two dozen diapers.  He’s starting to be expensive already, but he’s worth it even now.  Just knowing he’s coming is thrill enough.  It’ll be so heavenly to have your child.

Talk about experience!!  I don’t know where the money goes, but today I sure got rid of a lot.  I’ve kept track of it, but it sure amounts up.  I bought me a cute sun dress today.  Fine time for me to pick to want new clothes, huh?  Anyhow it’s certainly cool to wear around the house, and I can get in it.  That’s something, because I seem to grow by leaps & bounds.

Our place was so clean & nice to move in to.  I’m so anxious for you to hurry in and see it.  We even have a studio couch that folds into an extra bed.  It’s nice & soft, but as yet we haven’t any extra bedding — so no guests for a while.  I’d sooner have you alone any day — or night.  There’s no one in the world as wonderful as you—no one I could love a tenth as much as you.  You’re such a kind and thoughtful husband & I’ll love you always, more all the time.  I’m so proud of you & so thankful you’re mine.

You’re loving wife,


P.S. Did you’re tummy ache bother you anymore?  Please take care of yourself and hurry home.

Well, this is the last of the interludes.  Sorry it took so long to get back to it.  Next letter I type will be back in the sequence, nearly a year after these letters, when Zola is in Idaho and Dewain is abroad, after Rick is born.  It’s fun to hear that they were expecting the baby to be “Rick” so early on.   Maybe someday, I’ll end up with the rest of the letters and we’ll get more details in the story . . . letters from Dewain, or something.  I can’t imagine that they got to spend a lot of time in the new apartment that Zola finally found.

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